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NCC Officers and Coordinators
for Next Season 2018-2019

The Newton Camera Club is a fantastic organization of 62 members who enjoy shooting, working together, and learning more about photography through presentations, competitions, and critiques.  The joys and benefits of the camera club happen as a result of the year-round commitment and efforts of individual members.  As we plan for the 2018-2019 season, it’s time for each of you consider how you can contribute to the success and momentum of our camera club.

Each year we have 7 presentations, 3 mini shows, 4 competitions, 3 exhibits with receptions, at least 1 critique meeting, and the banquet/ scavenger hunt. We provide refreshments at all of these events.

All members are encouraged and expected to step-up to assume some role in contributing to the overall function and joy of our camera club.

For the 2018-2019 season, we need the following volunteers:

  • 2 Co-Presidents
    Each co-president shares/divides responsibilities of the president including organizing presentations and competitions, evaluating programs, overseeing tri-club collaboration, and communicating to the members. The Co-Presidents are members of the Executive Board*.
  • Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer
    Handles club finances and reporting requirements. The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Board*
  • Membership Coordinator
    Fields questions from potential new members, tracks dues payments, follows up on drop outs, orders badges, etc.
  • Assistant Competition Coordinator
    Assist the Competition Coordinator with organizing submitted images, arranging for judges to receive/review the images, and organizing images for presentation after judge returns scores.
  • Exhibit Coordinator / 3 Exhibit Chairs
    Oversee the club’s three yearly exhibits and put together a team of three additional Exhibit Chairs to plan, organize, and hang the exhibits.
  • Social & Food Coordinator / 2-4 Helpers
    Organize the snacks and food for meetings, exhibit openings, and the member banquet.
  • Critique Coordinator
    Organize and schedule photo critique sessions.
  • Field trip / Workshop Coordinator
    Organize and schedule field trips and workshops of interest to members.

* The Newton Camera Club Executive Board is comprised of 2 Co-presidents, the Treasurer, and 4 at-large members. The Executive Board holds 3-4 meetings per year. These are often conducted as online meetings. The Board discusses issues related to the NCC schedule and programs, membership, and other issues that arise.

Thank you in advance for volunteering to make your club functions exciting while enjoying the all the benefits of the camera club.  Please let one of the Executive Board Members  (Cindy Cole, Bruce Horwitz, Marshall Goff, Amy Oppenheimer, Jason Katz, Clayton Curtis) know what capacity you will volunteer to keep the club moving forward.

Thank you,

Author: Nicole Mordecai

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