2018 Scavenger Hunt Results

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The 2018 Scavenger Hunt winners were announced at the Members Banquet on Monday, May 8th. Members competed in 15 categories: Animals, Around the House, Boston, Bridge, Friendship, Hat, Lights, Old Buildings, Pattern, Rocks, Silhouette, Something Complex, Splatter, Straight, and Window. 1stPlaceEntries v2

Below are all the photos that were submitted in each of the categories. The first, second and third place winners in each category are shown first. Full size images are available in the 2018 NCC Scavenger Hunt album.

Animals: 1st – Animal by Vivienne Shein; 2nd – Animal by Bruce Horwitz; 3rd – Turkey by Cindy Cole

Around the House: 1st – Spare Change Around the House by Nicole Mordecai; 2rd – Art Studio by Cindy Cole; 3rd – Salt & Pepper by Eleni Carr

Boston: 1st – Bean Pot by Vivian Shein; 2nd – Marathon Runners by Amy Oppenheimer; 3rd – Boston Sign by Bruce HorwitzBoston

Bridge: 1st – Trestle Bridge by Amy Oppenheimer; 2nd – Zakim Bridge by Nicole Mordecai; 3rd- Suspension Bridge by Eleni CarrBridge

Friendship: 1st – Friends by Vivian Stein; 2nd – Old Friends by Eleni Carr; 3rd – Game Day with Friends by Elisif BrandonFriendship

Hat: 1st – Hat Trick by Nicole Mordecai; 2nd – Silly Teens by Sue Michaels; 3rd – 3 Hats by Judy ClappHat

Lights: 1st – Tulip Lights by Judy Clapp; 2nd – Bulb by Bruce Horwitz; 3rd – Star Pattern Lights by Amy OppenheimerLights

Old Buildings: 1st – Custom House and Grain Exchange by Elisif Brandon; 2nd – Abandoned Train Station by Nicole Mordecai; 3rd – Old Building & Modern Car by Cindy ColeOld Buildings

Pattern: 1st – Pattern Room by Nicole Mordecai; 2nd – Leaf Pattern by Judy Clapp; 3rd – Window Patterns by Elisif BrandonPattern

Rocks: 1st – Two Rocks by Eleni Carr; 2nd – Colonial Rock Wall Concord by Cindy Cole; 3rd – Rock with Vine by Vivienne SheinRocks

Silhouette: 1st – Troll by Bruce Horwitz; 2nd – Racket by Vivienne Shein; 3rd – Naples Sunset by Mary Beth SandmanSilhouette

Something Complex: 1st – 1st Grade AP Math Final by Cindy Cole; 2nd – Watch with Chain by Vivienne Shein; 3rd – Automaton by Nicole MordecaiSomething Complex

Splatter: 1st – Milk Splatter by Nicole Mordecai; 2nd – Bird vs Car by Elisif Brandon; 3rd – Ketchup Splatter by Bruce HorwitzSplatter

Straight: 1st – Straight Pour Straight Up by Nicole Mordecai; 2nd – Straight by Judy Clapp; 3rd – Bike Lane by Eleni CarrStraight

Window: 1st – Granary Tavern by Elisif Brandon; 2nd – Glass Ceiling at Harvard Museum by Nicole Mordecai; 3rd – Bathroom Window by Eleni CarrWindow


You can see full-size images in the 2018 NCC Scavenger Hunt album.

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