West Newton Cinema Show

Note: the link to submit files is sent out on the club’s email list and not posted on the website. If you are not receiving the email, please check in with Bruce, and if you probably received it but can’t find it, check in with Amy or Marshall. Thanks! 

Some final details about delivering prints

Drop off will be between 9:30 and 10:30 AM on Nov.4 AT THE CINEMA, the earlier the better.  Prints MUST be there by 10:30 or we can not hang them.  Please make arrangements to have someone else get them there if you can not do so.
As well as sturdy frames with wire for hanging, please put a label on the back of each print.  Any kind of label will do.
Your name
Title of Print
Price or NFS
Add a “P” to your title if you have used plexiglass.  We usually clean the glass with Windex and that does not play well with plexiglass.



For the last several years, our friends at the West Newton Cinema have shared their walls with us. This year, the annual print show opens at the beginning of November. There will be an opening reception (date TBA) that is always a great time!



Submitting For the Show

Please note: participation in this show is for members only. So what are you waiting for? Join us.

For those who are new to the club, this is the big event of the year for the club. The show is curated and is an impressive display of the best work the club has to offer. As a result, it generates a lot of interest in the club.

Please read all of the details below, and if there are any questions, reach out [via email WNC(at)newtoncameraclub.org] to the chair for the show, Amy Oppenheimer, or the chair of the curators group, or Marshall, who is handling the submission process.

Images for consideration are due September 25. Prints must be delivered on the morning of November 4th directly to the cinema.

You may submit up to 5 images.

[We intend hang at least one print from everyone who submits, and we encourage you to submit the full amount for consideration. However, we cannot guarantee any prints will be accepted if they do not meet the requirements for subject matter (family friendly for this public space), the framing requirements for hanging, or if they are not presented with minimally adequate technical quality.]

Please note that these should be images that have NOT been shown in previous Newton Camera Club exhibitions (either West newton Cinema or Newton Free Library). Images from competitions are fine. We strongly prefer that submitted work has not been submitted for consideration previously.

Also note: the lighting in the venue is quite variable, and we cannot guarantee particular placement for any print, nor can we accommodate requests to move prints later.

Submission Specifications

Please read and follow these directions carefully. You only have a handful of files to deal with, the committee has as many as 250! Double check before uploading so we can handle the files efficiently.

Sizing: Longest dimension less than ~1500 pixels
Color space: sRGB
File Size: 2MB maximum
File Type: jpeg

File naming: INITIALS_WNC#_WxH_Title.jpg, where
1) Initials – Use a 3 character string, FML (substitute an “X” if you do not have a middle initial). Files without your initials will not be matched to your membership.
2) WNC# = number of the image you’re submitting (e.g. if you submit 3 images you’ll have three file names, one with WNC1, another with WNC 2 and lastly WNC3)
3) W=width, H=height of the finished framed print in inches. Remember, width first, then height.
4) Title = name of the work (or untitled)

Example: Bruce Horwitz is submitting 3 images for the show, the second image is a framed landscape print, 20×16, and it is called “Winter Winner”. The file name is BAH_WNC2_20x16_Winter Winner.jpg
If you are submitting a diptych, triptych, etc. then use the same title, but add a sequential letter to each file. Example: If “Winter Winner” has a diptych companion then the two files will have file names BAH_WNC2_20x16_Winter WinnerA.jpg and BAH_WNC2_20x16_Winter WinnerB.jpg. Note: we will only accept up to three images framed separately; thus, you can submit a diptych or triptych, but no more.

If you have accidentally uploaded a wrong file, please upload the new image with the new title using the image number (e.g., WNC3) of the image you want to replace. Note: once selections for the show have been made, SUBSTITUTIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Specifications For Prints

Images for this show must be family friendly to be hung in this venue.
Individual prints must be a minimum of 16”x20” (framed size). We are happy to consider a limited number of larger images for this show. (The curators may ask you if an image can be hung in a different size if necessary.)

Multiples (diptychs, triptychs, etc.) will be considered and hung as a single unit with one label. There will be some limitations on multiples based on our ability to hang them, and for fairness. If you are submitting a multiple image, you can submit it either mocked up with all pictures, or as separate pictures, but please be clear about how they will be hung.

Framed prints must be delivered ready to hang with a wire securely mounted along the back of the frame. The wire must be stable and sturdy for hanging. If any print’s hanging system does not use wire or if the hanging system is not stable and sturdy, the print will not be hung, and substitutions cannot be accepted at that point.

Framed prints need labels on the back with:

  • Photographer’s name
  • Title
  • Price/NFS
  • “PG” if plexiglass is used instead of glass
  • All frames must have a hanging wire across the back. This is absolutely necessary for the hanging system we use and we cannot hang any print without a wire.

There is a mild preference to have a number of 16×20 and 18×24 images in black frames with white or off-white mattes to hang along the long wall together, but there is no requirement to submit with a particular frame color or matte style.