Holly Ladd Lending Library

Holly Ladd was an active member of the NCC until her death in June 2014 from ALS. An excellent photographer and even better person, she asked that her library of photography books be given to the camera club so others of us may learn from them. We now have the Holly Ladd Library from which members can borrow books by contacting Bruce at LaddLibrary@techroadmap.com. Books can be kept for at least 2 months, longer if no other member wants to read them.

If you have photography books that you would like to contribute to the library, please feel free to send Bruce an email.

The Books

Flash Forward 2008 (emerging photographers)
Family Portrait Photography, by Bill Hurter
Learning to See Creatively, by Bryan Petersen
Beyond Portraiture, Creative People Photography, by Bryan Peterson
Understanding Close-up Photography, by Bryan Peterson
Visual Poetry, by Chris Orwig
The Essential Wildlife Photography Manual, by Chris Weston
99 Ways to Make Money From Your Photos, by Editors of Photopreneur
Believing is Seeing (Observations on the mysteries of photography), by Errol Morris
Natural-Light Family Portraits, by Jennifer George
Developing Vision & Style, A Landscape Photography Masterclass, by Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, David Ward
Working the Light, A Landscape Photography Masterclass, by Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, David Ward
Photographing on Safari, by Joe McDonald
The Moment It Clicks, Photography Secrets From One of the World’s Top Shooters, by Joe McNally
Window Seat (The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking), by Julienanne Kost
Night & Low-Light Photography, by Lee Frost
The Photographer’s Mind, by Michael Freeman
The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography, by National Geographic
Mother and Child Portraits, by Norman Phillips
Photo Composition, by Paul R. Comon
Exploring the Light, Making the Very Best In-Camera Exposures, by Rick Sammon
National Geographic Field Guide, People & Places, by Robert Caputo
Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it, by Scott Kelby
The Photoshop CS5 Book, by Scott Kelby
The Photoshop CS3 Book, by Scott Kelby
Lightroom 2, by Scott Kelby
Zen and the Magic of Photography, by Wayne Rowe
The DAM Book (Digital Asset Management for Photographers), by Peter Krogh