Newton Free Library Show

The following information and dates pertain to the 2018 Newton Free Library Show. We have had a show at the NFL for many years now, and thank them very much for their space and their support.


Newton Free Library [NFL] Rules & Exhibit Information:
Jan 31st: Deadline to register to submit prints for NFL. You must submit your interest by January 31st on the google doc – the link was sent out by club email. If you did not get the club email, please get in touch and we’ll get you the link.

A lottery will be conducted after Jan 31st to determine who exhibits 2 versus 1 print. Members will be notified ASAP of lottery results. Members decide which print[s] they want to exhibit. This is not a juried exhibit.
– Metal prints are allowed & must comply with requirements for wired hanging system noted below.
– Canvas prints are not allowed for this show.
– Prints with nudity or violence are not allowed.

Hanging requirements: Prints must be ready to hang. Only sturdy, stable, wired hanging systems [as used in prior exhibits] will be hung. Any framed prints without sturdy, stable, wired hanging systems will not be hung.

Frame requirements: Maximum: 16″ x 20″. Minimum 8″ x 10″. Frames should be basic, simple frames [not ornate or overly bulky].

Diptychs are acceptable but must be contained within 1 frame not exceeding 16″ x 20″. Diptychs count as one image. Separately framed images count as two images.

Mat requirements: If prints are matted, mats should be neutral colors [e.g. white, beige, light ochre, etc.]

Front Protection: Either glass, plexiglas or nothing is acceptable. Any framed print with flexible plastic sheets will not be hung.

Feb 26th: Exhibiting members [or their designee] bring framed print[s] to NCC meeting. Collectors take prints home. Only collectors will deliver framed prints to NFL on March 1st. We will notify exhibiting members of any change to this collection time & place.

NFL Exhibit Information:
March 1: “Hanging committee” hangs exhibit.
March 2-29: NFL exhibit opened for viewing.
March 6th, 7-8:30PM: NFL Opening Reception. Link to contribute to reception will be posted at later date.
March 30: Exhibit “take down”. Collectors bring prints to April 9th meeting for members [or other designee] to take home. We will notify exhibiting members of any change to “pick up” time & place.